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Wet cupping creates a mild suction by leaving a cup in place for about 3 minutes. The cups are then removed, and light, tiny incisions are made on the skin. Next, a second suction is applied to draw out a small quantity of blood. As the body is unable to naturally rid itself of the toxic stasis blocking blood vessels, wet cupping hijama session helps rejuvenate patients and alleviate pain associated with 80 per cent of common diseases.

Both Male and Female Therapist Available

Dry Cupping

During Dry Cupping, the cups are placed over several areas to create a vacuum which lifts the soft tissue and creates an upward stretch within the muscle and associated fascia. This vacuum lift helps to increase in blood flow and induces a stretch effect, which results in a reduction in muscle tension and associated pain. No incisions are made.

Both Male and Female Therapist Available

Moving Cupping

Massage cupping is done by light suction in order to boost blood circulation. Natural oil (olive, almond, black seed) is applied generously to the affected area, which will allow the cups to glide over the affected area providing a form of deep tissue massage. This is more effective than a traditional hand massage because you are creating a negative, uplifting pressure with the cup.

Both Male and Female Therapist Available

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Medvise Hijama is a clinic specialised in cupping therapy (Hijama). We provide various alternative treatments as Cupping Hijama which have been proven to help alleviate some common health issues.